Systemic anti-Americanism Must Be Stopped!


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Those ignorant of U.S. history and Marxist, Fascist and National Socialist ideology either don’t see what is happening, or don’t want you to realize what is slowly but surely happening across our great beloved country. It is a phased plan that involves disinformation, disillusion, chaos, and the “normalization” in America. Yes, you can call this the ‘New Normal’, exactly what they’re been preaching throughout the covid lockdown. Their strategic plan involves pitting American against American. The ultimate divide by race, ethnicity, gender and your political party or association. Every Marxist, Fascist, or National Socialist movement must have a “class struggle” component. Therefore, The terms “White Privilege,” “systemic racism,” “economically disenfranchised,” “the elite rich,” and others are deliberately inserted in the rhetoric of protestors and placating politicians. The objective to create the division and separation of Americans by Americans is key if America is to be upset. Malcolm is joined by the awesome Ilana Freedman. Ilana is a veteran intelligence analyst, political commentator and host here at America Out Loud.

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