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Matt Bull’s first job was working for the Superconducting SuperCollider in Waxahachie, designing user interfaces for the vacuum Control Systems Division. He spent three years studying BioPhysics at Rice before realizing he hated lab work, then crammed in an English major at the last minute. He then spent 16 years at the Richards Group, working on nearly every major brand on the roster.

In this episode, Matt talks to me about causal marketing and how brands should develop personalities to isolate digital noise. When Matt isn’t marketing for causes and building brands, he is riding his bike around Oak Cliff, spending time with family and combing Reddit’s first page of the internet.

Questions During Podcast

  • Why did you leave the big agency and go out on your own?
  • How did you get into causal marketing?
  • How old were your kids during the Baby Magic campaign?
  • Is causal marketing an effective strategy?
  • What is the biggest challenge facing brands?
  • How can we market items that aren’t personal?
  • Does Ted’s have a personality or a causal element?
  • How do you find a personality for a brand?
  • Why don’t brands use causal marketing?
  • What are some of your favorite brands?
  • What would you do with your time if you weren’t working?
  • Are you an expert in anything else?

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