How to Differentiate Sameness – Amy Franko


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Amy Franko (@AmyFranko) built a successful and lucrative B2B sales career with global tech giants IBM and Lenovo. She then took a 180° pivot into entrepreneurship in 2007, launching a training company, Impact Instruction Group. Amy specializes in sales training and leadership development programs and is the author of The Modern Seller. Amy talks with me about sameness, differentiation, time management and continuing education.

Questions During Podcast

  • What is a modern seller? What makes them different?
  • How much does a modern seller need to differentiate themselves? Is it a big or small difference?
  • What tips do you normally provide for quickly implementing agile sales methods?
  • You invested a lot in the book about continuous learning. What percentage of sales leaders are investing in continuous learning with their teams?
  • Do you think salespeople are better or worse at time management? Why?
  • Who or what do you listen to or read to get inspiration?
  • If you didn t have any responsibilities at home or work next week what would you do with your time?
  • Closing thoughts?

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