Episode 55: Chicken Dinner


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Buttermilk Roasted Chicken, Cracklin’ Chicken, Arroz Caldo- Filipino Chicken Rice Soup

Chicken is a dinnertime staple in our kitchens for good reason. It’s inexpensive, flexible with many flavors, and easy to find in any grocery store. Take a peek around the food blogs and you’ll see this is also true for large swaths of the internet. Recipes abound for chicken breast, roasted chicken, chicken thighs...so many it’s easy to get overwhelmed and fall back to our tried and true. Hopefully this episode can give you three recipes that can, gently, push you out of your chicken rut.

Buttermilk Roasted Chicken: Samin Nosrat

Here’s a golden brown chicken, tender and juicy, from Samin Nosrat’s cookbook: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Marinated for twenty-four hours in buttermilk and roasted until just perfect, we loved the ease of this chicken dinner.


  • Nosrat’s directions are concise but clear. Follow them to the letter (including rotating the chicken in the oven) and end up with a near- perfect bird.
  • Kate didn’t quite make a full 24 hour marination- more like 12. It was still delicious but a full day would have been even better.

Cracklin’ Chicken: Nom Nom Paleo

Just the title made our mouths water and the recipe delivered. Crispy, crunchy skin and juicy meat came together in less than a half hour from absolute start to finish. A great way to change up your options for a thrifty chicken option.


  • Use a timer! Nom Nom Paleo’s directions are specific for good reason. Less time and the skin is rubbery. Too much time and you’re looking at charcoal instead of crunchy.
  • Kate served this with white rice and a Andrea Nguyen’s cucumber salad from Vietnamese Any Day.

Arroz Caldo- Filipino Chicken Rice Soup: Lemons and Anchovies

Chicken soup in any interpretation is a soothing dinner. Lemon and Anchovies’ version Filipino version includes soy sauce, fish sauce, and ginger and rice, cooked in chicken broth until soft. Toppings of hard-boiled egg, lemons, and pork rinds round it out for a comforting meal.


  • Use bone-in dark meat for the most flavor. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts will likely get overcooked and will not add much flavor.
  • Betsy loved this as a dish for under-the-weather kids. People who aren’t feeling too great can eat the soup without any toppings; healthy family members can go all out. Everyone leaves happy.

From the Smorgasbord:

Anne shares her family favorite chicken recipe, Vinegar Chicken with Crisp Roasted Mushrooms

She shared this recipe with us via voice memo and you can, too! Send us an email at dinnersisterspodcast@gmail.com or a message on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll let you know the details!

Check out Episode Three for another chicken technique- the paillard. We couldn’t believe how much this method sped up and improved dinner.

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