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In this episode of Aging GreatFULLy we celebrate the gifts of growing older; including the value and beauty in wisdom shared across generations with special guest, author TV Host, Gregory Landsman, one of the world’s most noted wellness and beauty experts.
While some societal views continue to associate aging with loss, the reality is that aging offers many incredible gains. Gain of understanding, knowledge, wisdom, life experience, and so much more that lend itself to well-celebrating living.
Gregory shares how important his relationship was with his grandmother, and how she positively shaped his life early in his youth and how her lessons remain eternally with him into adulthood, long after her passing. We discuss the often-overlooked reality that everyone has untold wisdom that can be shared with those they love, the broader community, and even the greater world regarding life, love, lessons learned and important values that allow others to learn, heal and even grow. We revel the incredible role parents and grandparents play in the lives of those around them.
In sharing the stories that have shaped us, we create opportunities for connectedness, tether our generational ties and establish intergenerational bonds like no other. In a society that is moving fast, we remind of the importance of good, old-fashioned storytelling through simply sharing our own life stories and experience with those around us. The impact we can have towards inspiring and encouraging younger generations is awesomely incredible.
A strong voice for inclusion, Gregory Landsman shares with us his campaign to support children – one that celebrates and values their differences. And in doing so, he is donating the royalties from his book, A Lifetime of BEAUTY, towards this initiative. As a special treat, we actually share on air the audio version of the video for his book, A Prayer for Every Child, to create awareness. This book can be purchased on his website, Amazon and your favorite booksellers.
You can view the video we share, connect with Gregory and learn more about his work including his nine books authored by visiting
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