Joyful Connections Expanding the Heart


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Join the Aging GreatFULLy power-hour of enlightenment on an hour-long journey of personal story sharing with host Gerontologist Holley Kelley. This episode illuminates how simple and unexpected connections of all kinds can surprisingly serve to tremendously enhance our lives. Listeners are invited to take notice of all of the magical orchestration happening all around, every single day to every one of us. Holley compels us to become more aware, extend kindness and compassion at no expense to ourselves but in fact, inadvertently making us tremendously rich in rewards.
Through sharing heartfelt accounts, Holley reminds us that some of life’s most valuable lessons and memorable experiences show up from the most unpredictable sources, creating remarkable connections, forever changing our heart. She reiterates that joy, splendor and “flakes of gold” are everywhere if we take notice. She encourages us to “mine the magnificence” and even to “make mud-pies out of minutia.”
We learn that through with a huge does of gratitude and being open to all the amazing possibilities that can expand our heart, we find we don’t only increase our own level of joy -- but we create the awesome opportunity to share it with others.

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