Kicking Pain in the pASSt! with David E. Frost


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Have you dreamed of Kicking Pain in the pASSt?
In this episode of Aging GreatFULLy, we combat PAIN like never before because if we’re going to get in the full light of living our best life now, we don’t want pain to impede our best of plans. And while pain definitely can be a quality-of-life spoiler, not all pain is bad. Join this amazing conversation with special guest David E. Frost, a NFPT Certified Master Fitness Trainer, rowing Coach and award-winning adjunct professor, as we take a deep dive into this topic that impacts most of us and certainly more so as we grow older. Dave helps us kick pain not only in the pASSt -- but in some cases, perhaps bid it farewell. Together, we'll discover the top five chronic PAIN’s experienced by older adults, including what we can do to prevent, remediate, or mitigate some of the effects, the key differences between acute and chronic pain, the two dimensions of pain, how pain subjectively and objectively changes as we age, and surprisingly, even some potential benefits of pain. Dave speaks of the “Art of the Possible” and in this inspiring episode, listeners will be encouraged to realize what is within their control. He reminds us there is so much we can do to not only make sense of our pain, but to take charge of it. From sensible footwear, smart phones, intimacy, sleep, posture, too much sitting, diet, exercise, controlling stress, and many other choices well within our command, we can absolutely kick much of our pain in the pASSt!
In a world of polypharmacy, we discuss viable alternatives to painkillers, NSAIDS, and other popular prescriptions, and how our bodies have their own internal storehouse of pain relievers, otherwise known as oxytocin. And of course, it wouldn’t be the Aging GreatFULLy show if we didn’t discuss the importance of attitude, gratitude and happiness and the essential role they play regarding our experience with pain and positive aging.
Dave Frost is passionate about adding life to our years, and doing so as pain free as possible. As author of Kaboomer: Thriving and Striving Into Your Nineties, he is also Founder and leads Well Past Forty LLC, to actively promote both wellness and fitness for athletes of all ages and abilities. He specializes in nutrition, endurance and strength training for people who deal with cancer, MS, PD, CP, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Dave is a non-profit executive and volunteer for America Rows. You can learn more about him or connect with his KABOOMER life’s work at
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