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Prepare to be inspired and explore “What is Enough” in this soul-enhancing Aging GreatFULLy episode with Treveal C.W. Lynch, a Self-Worth Specialist and Founder of iamthepossible®, a self-development company built on the philosophy that “I and my possibilities are one and the same; everything I hope to be tomorrow I already am today.”
Treveal is the author of WHAT IS ENOUGH: How to Lighten Your Load and Find What Makes You Happy. Treveal is one of those special individuals whose professional calling found him in an unsuspecting way and his story is one of purpose, birthed from genuine personal passion that benefits the greater world in immeasurable ways. His messages are many, each full of passion. He is committed to communicating ideas to audiences to see themselves in ways they’ve never imagined possible, present innovative ideas that spark the imagination, inspire the soul, and call for lasting change.
He shows up daily to remind others of their self-worth! In fact, he has designed 5-ways to start appreciating yourself today, and shares how to begin to lighten the weight of the world we can inadvertently carry. He serves as a voice to remind people to not put happiness off to another day "when"… but instead to make it—and you—a priority each and every day.
Treveal brings sage wisdom to this conversation, woven with personal insight and keen philosophies articulated by someone who has personally themselves experienced the magnitude of iamthepossible®, through his own life lessons.
Treveal C.W. Lynch serves as an associate pastor, alongside his wife and their four children, is an endurance athlete, having completed 7 competitions in the last year including ½ marathon. To learn more about him, seek consulting or purchase his book, visit him at www.iamthepossible.com.
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