“How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking” with Marjorie Saulson 02/02/16


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Katana will interview Public Speaking, Message and Marketing Mentor, Marjorie Saulson.
Join us as we’ll discuss:
Why it is important to overcome one’s fear of public speaking.
The three basic fears people experience and what usually causes them.
Strategies people can immediately apply to help overcome their fears.
Marjorie Saulson is dedicated to working with people who are nervous about using public speaking and networking to promote themselves and their business. This results in their income suffering. She is passionately committed to helping them to uncover their unique voice, and to gain confidence and ease in sharing their message; so that they can easily attract their ideal clients and build the business and lifestyle of their dreams.
To learn more about Marjorie Saulson go to http://www.VibrantVocalPower.com

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