Switching your CRM - Why Switch and How to Switch


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The CRM industry keeps getting flooded by new (and not so new in features) CRM Systems because the dissatisfaction level of current CRM users is very high. It’s said that 40% of the sales reps on a CRM system don’t comply with the company CRM standards or policies. 83% of senior executives complain that their people aren’t properly using the CRM system.


The reason for the high CRM replacement market is that users of a CRM system stop using it. And yet 50% of the new – replacement CRM Systems fail. Our host Stacy Gentile of GoldMine CRM talks about the reasons companies switch to a different CRM system, and tips on how to do it. He discusses:

  • Why the future of CRM is in usability
  • The software vendors are full of trickery, they offer features not asked for or needed by the great majority of users
  • Replacements are triggered by non-users and frustrated management
  • Complexity isn’t your friend in the CRM world
  • Simple and basic is in vogue
  • Why cleaning up a current CRM installation may be better than starting with a new ap
  • CRM systems are often weaponized against the sales rep
  • When management doesn’t plan for the future CRM systems fail

"If your business process is a mess and you add technology to it, the only thing you're going to have is a mess at high speed."

Stacy Gentile


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