Episode 533: Robin Singh on the Rescue Work of India’s Peepal Farms


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-Mariann and Jasmin talk about how they are adjusting to life during the COVID-19 quarantines, the challenges of trying to focus on work and everyday tasks during a pandemic, and Jasmin's new rescued animal companion! They also debate the merits of silken tofu. -Jasmin interviews Robin Singh, co-founder of India's Peepal Farms, about the mission and rescue work of the organization, how Peepal Farms is assisting with the growing dog rescue movement in India, why this work has made him so much happier, and his inspirational philosophy of "good vs. bad." (21:45) -Mariann brings us Rising Anxieties about USA Today vs. Earthling Ed, more difficulties for meat processors, and dog walking getting banned! (54:20)

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