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In this episode of abstract culture. the squad comes together to discuss some of the weirdness of social media.

We begin with our rants of the week. Uzo recounts his wonderful experience at his final HOCO at UTA. Jessica rants a little about washing dishes FOR FREE. Junior speaks on toxic friendships that drain the life out of us.

We begin with a scenario. What would you do if your s/o serves you food on a plastic plate? A lot of interesting takes there.
Our next topic deals with the cyber bullying of Summer Walker. Fans can be mean and turn artists into tap dancing acts instead of people.
Next we speak on how Colin Kaepernick might have played himself in his attempt to be a martyr. We speak on much more so keep listening.

We cool it down with what we're watching and listening to. MR ROBOT IS EVERYTHING. If you haven't caught up please DO SO. Junior and Jess are still watching vampire themed shows. Again. A-f*ckin-gain. Queen and Slim. See it if you haven't.

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