202 - The Gathering Part 1


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The Gathering Part One with special Guest, Chris Dick. Oh, hey! We've got show notes again. “Strange Machines” Mandylion 1995 (6:04) Talkset #1 “Stonegarden” Always 1992 (4:53) “The Sky People” Always a Dance 1993 (4:28) “Eleanor” Mandylion 1995 (6:40) Talkset #2 “Third Chance” Nightime Birds 1997 (5:25) “On Most Surfaces” Nightime Birds 1997 (6:55) “Marooned” How to Measure A Planet? 1998 (5:55) “Probably Built In the Fifties” How to Measure A Planet? 1998 (7:25) Talkset #3 “Liberty Bell” How to Measure A Planet? 1998 (6:00)

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