209 - German Metal Part 2


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German Metal Part Two Necros Christos “Black Bone Crucifix” Nine Graves 2014 (7:04) Talkset #1 Venenum “Cold Threat” Trance of Death 2017 (6:58) Farsot “Empyrean” Insects 2011 (10:00) Talkset #2 Nailed to Obscurity “Black Frost” Black Frost 2019 (7:40) Agrypnie “Grenzgænger” Grenzgænger 2018 (7:33 Lantlos “Melting Sun I: Azure Chimes” Melting Sun 2014 (7:14) Talkset #3 Kathaaria “Archives of Doubt” The Complex Void of Negativity 2008 (6:38) 53:07 minutes of music

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