217 - HELLENIC METAL Part 4: Black Metal


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Hellenic Metal part 4: Black Metal Varathron-“The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep (Act 1)” His Majesty at the Swamp 1993 (7:17) Talkset #1 Varathron- “Flowers of My Youth” His Majesty at the Swamp 1993 (3:17) Varathron- “Under the Sight of Horus” Walpurgisnacht 1995 (6:35) Varathron- “Aclo Savaoth Soth (The Final Chapter of Acts)” Stygian Forces of Scorn 2009 (8:04) Talkset #2 Varathron- “Leprocious Lord” Untrodden Corridors of Hades 2015 (5:10) Varathron- “Luciferian Mystical Awakening” Patriarchs of Evil 2018 (6:24) Necromantia- “Unchaining The Wolf (At War)” Crossing the Fiery Path 1993 (5:04) Talkset #3 Necromantia- “Scarlet Witching Dreams” Scarlet Evil Witching Black 1995 (5:28) Necromantia- “The Serpent And the Pentagram” Scarlet Evil Witching Black 1995 (5:20) Necromantia- “Each Dawn I Die” Ancient Pride 1997 (4:21) Talkset #4 Thou Art Lord- “The Era of Satan Rising” Eosforus 1994 (5:42) Thou Art Lord- “Politeia Daimonon” The Regal Pulse of Lucifer 2013 (3:57) Zemial- “March of the Giants” In Monumentum 2006 (7:06) Talkset #5 Kawir- “Hymn To Winds” Isotheos 2012 (7:10) Astarte- “Doomed Dark Years” Doomed Dark Years 1996 (5:46) Agatus- “The Weaving Fates” The Weaving Fates 2002 (3:15) Talkset #6 Agatus- “The Invisible (Fifth Portal to Atlantis)“ The Eternalist 2016 (3:13) Macabre Omen- “An Ode to Rhode” The Ancient Returns 2005 (5:51) Macabre Omen- “Hellenes Do Not Fight Like Heroes, Heroes Fight Like Hellenes” Gods of War- At War 2015 (7:24) Talkset #7 Medieval Demon- “Invisible Black Magic Ritual” Medieval Necromancy 2018 (5:20) Yoth Iria- “Under His Sway” Under His Sway 2020 (6:11) Yoth Iria- “Sid Ed Djinn” Under His Sway 2020 (6:55) Talkset #8 Yoth Iria- “Visions of the Dead Lovers” Under His Sway 2020 (4:18)

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