223 - Thrash Extravaganza #2: VIO-LENCE Eternal Nightmare


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Thrash Extravaganza #2: Vio-lence Eternal Nightmare “Eternal Nightmare” Eternal Nightmare 1988 (6:12) T/S #1 “Phobophobia” Eternal Nightmare 1988 (6:31) “Serial Killer” Eternal Nightmare 1988 (2:59) “T.D.S. (Take It As You Will)” Eternal Nightmare 1988 (5:05) T/S#2 “Kill On Command” Eternal Nightmare 1988 (4:57) History of Heavy Metal Countdown Day 385-1988: Bay Area thrash metal champions, Vio-Lence may have been latecomers to the scene, but they quickly made up for lost time with their scathing debut, “Eternal Nightmare.” Guitarist duo Phil Demmel and Robb Flynn (pre-Machinehead) unleash a cavalcade of aggressive riffs throughout, but the title track is extra special. After a great intro, the nasty speed kicks in at the 40 second mark with no frills, before the controversial Sean Killian’s vocals rip in. He can’t sing, but it does it fast and with hardcore-esque panache, so it works for the approach and grows on you. Shout out to Dean Dell’s killer bass, which rivals D.D. Verni here.

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