The Sudden Civilization Between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in modern day Iraq


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The Anunnaki Chronicles, edited by Janet Sitchin Chapter 2. is what we call The Cradle of Civilization, where the remains of Sumeria were found. The amazing aspect of the cities that archaeologists uncovered in Sumeria was that, seemingly out of nowhere they built an entire civilization with all the things that we consider 'modern'. Today, the co-hosts of the Quantum Leap Book Club share their excitement of how the various firsts of Sumeria relate to their life's experience: language, libraries, teaching, medicine, transportation, business organization, equality under law, and more. Join us again next week as Pa'Ris'Ha and the international co-hosts of the Quantum Leap Book Club learn more of mankind's ancient extraterrestrial origins in "The Anunnaki Chronicles.""

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