409: Lez-ssentials Happiest Season with Youstina Anis


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Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) dive into Happiest Season with special guest Youstina Anis (@moonstiina) for this Lez-ssentials episode, a recurring segment on the essential movies and TV shows in the lesbian canon. We chat about Aubrey Plaza in blazers and pant suits, the endless trauma of this "romantic comedy" and Justice for Jane. Youstina joined us for our conversation because she had a lot of feelings about the movie as someone who isn't out to her family and has been honest with her girlfriend about what comes along with that. (COUGH COUGH Harper). We also discuss how Abby should have ended up with Riley and left her toxic relationship. Lez-ssentials comes complete with a Happiest Season drinking game because every lesbian movie or tv show should be accompanied by heavy drinking ESPECIALLY THIS ONE. This episode also comes with an original Christmas song that is loosely based off Happiest Season entitled "Only Present I Need" because we all deserve a cute queer Christmas duet. Follow along on Twitter: Lez Hang Out (@lezhangoutpod) and answer our Q & Gay at the end of every episode. Leigh Holmes Foster (@lshfoster) and Ellie Brigida (@elliebrigida). You can also join us on Facebook.com/lezhangoutpod and Instagram (@lezhangoutpod). Join us on Patreon at bit.y/lezpatreon for a free download of the song.

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