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Curtain up! Light the lights!

You got nothing to feel but the FRIGHTS!!![

On the surface, THE FAN from 1981 starring LAUREN BACALL and MICHAEL BIEHN was been ill-advised flop.

The story of an aging screen legend trying to make a comeback by appearing in her first Broadway musical didn't appeal to horror fans. The attempt to cash in the recent success of films like FRIDAY THE 13th by adding over-the-top violence scared off everyone else.

I still can't believe someone made a slasher movie with music by MARVIN HAMLISCH. However...

COver art from The Fan. Tuxedoed man menacing a collapsed woman

...I have been looking for ages for an opportunity to get the crew of MUSICALS TAUGHT ME EVERYTHING I KNOW on the show.

THE FAN provided that.

So, for bringing me the gift of ZANE C. WEBER and KRISTEN BARROS and making all my "horror/musical" dreams come true, Patrick K. Walsh raves:

"THE FAN is a smash hit! This year's MUST SEE!

I laughed. I screamed. IT WAS BETTER THAN CATS!"



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