#318: Leveraging Debt for Your Photography Business - Jill Houser


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Do you ever feel like you'd be more successful if you had money to invest into your business?

In episode 318 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jill Houser opens up about her experience with accumulating $20k of debt in order to take her photography business to the next level. Listen in as she shares the benefits of taking out a loan, the advice she would give to those considering taking on debt, and how she paid it back in full from profits in her business.

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Brand Position: Helping the uncomfortable feel comfortable in front of the camera. (2:13)

Technique for Time:

Understanding expectations in relationships.

Set boundaries on work.

Book Recommendations: (15:55)

Storybrand by Donald Miller - bit.ly/bp-storybrand

Retrain your Anxious Brain - bit.ly/bp-retrainanxious

Untethered Soul by Michael Singer - bit.ly/bp-untethered

The Gear Bag: Utensils for dinner. (23:24)

Going into Debt for Business (26:57)

Jill’s Experience with the Debt: (29:54)

Opened a Business Credit Card with 0% Interest for 6 months (up to 17.5% after).

Transferred the Balance to an Amex Card with 0% Interest for 15 months.

Jill’s Accumulated Debt: $20k for Gear (31:43)

Gear Jill Bought: (32:03)



Backup Camera


The Impact of Debt on Jill’s Business: (33:20)

She quit the restaurant industry.

Image quality improved.

Allowed her to go from entry level to pro.

Paying off $20k in Debt: Live frugally and look at every dollar coming in as a payment towards the debt. (35:13)

Advice for Photographers: (36:38)

It takes money to make money.

Have a plan to paying off money that you can’t pay off right away.

For big purchases, test them out first.




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