Tina Marie Lauser


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Tina Marie Lauser's parents learned early in her childhood that she was deaf. Tina struggled in school, primarily because there were no schools in the early 60s specifically designed to help her. Tina graduated, got a job, and met her future husband at the Wilmington Club for the Deaf.

In January 1981, Tina left her job at the Bank of Delaware to drive to get something to eat on her lunch break. She never returned and the investigation into her disappearance was launched. Two months later, her body was found weighted down in a tributary of the Delaware Bay.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the baffling clues uncovered in the investigation into Tina Lauser's disappearance and murder. There was a mystery woman reported to have been seen with Tina during her lunch break. But, police have never been able to figure out who this mystery woman is. There has also been some speculation surrounding Tina's husband Tom Lauser.

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