Disrupting the Permanent Present with Anouar Majid


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When most of us think of disruption in our institutions, we think of turnover, upheaval, cuts, a future state in which change to the status quo has the potential to negatively impact the team.

Because of that image, we tend to hide from disruption.

Our guest today has no issue confronting the frustrations of higher education, and possesses a unique skill in disrupting stasis with authenticity.

Anouar Majid is a professor of English at the University of New England. However, his titles and accomplishments reach far beyond the campus classroom. Dr. Majid also serves UNE as the Vice President for Global Affairs and Managing Director of UNE Morocco. Additionally, within his role as the VP for Global Affairs, he also conceived and established the university’s campus in Tangier. He is a seemingly inexhaustible contributor to publications ranging from relations between Islam and the the West, culture, and higher education.

Today, he joins us for a conversation that forms the theme of the first part of our year on this show: disruption.

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