Educational Procurement’s Emerging Frontier — NAEP's Krista Ferrell embraces community and change


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NAEP executive director Krista Ferrell hasn’t been on the job long. But she’s already helping to guide the institution in bold new directions in educational procurement leadership. In just a few months, the association will ring in their 98th annual meeting in Kansas City under the theme, Engage! They’re latching onto the values of the vaunted 50-year-old science fiction franchise Star Trek as a means to reinforce the values they share so deeply with the 24th century: creativity, mission, and inclusion.

Howard had the opportunity to talk with Ferrell this week to discuss her vision as a leader of the institution, and about the closing keynote that he’ll be delivering at this year’s annual meeting. It anchors an important shared effort for NAEP, as well: how do we work together toward authentic transformation when we’re so deeply accustomed to incremental change?

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