Gates Foundation’s Daniel Greenstein on Equity, Sustainability, and the Road to Opportunity


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Dr. Daniel Greenstein serves as director of Education, Postsecondary Success in the United States Program, for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Before joining the foundation, Greenstein was Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Programs at the University of California Office of the President. In his current capacity, he oversees work to substantially increase the number of students who acquire a post-secondary degree or certificate. Dr. Greenstein frames the conversation for us around the following key points:

  • How do we address the significant gaps in our workforce development needs as we head toward 2025?
  • What is the role in seeking business efficiency in building a sustainable institutional future?
  • Are we doing enough to be genuinely disruptive?
  • How may our emerging divide in civil dialogue impact student enrollment patterns and the diverse makeup of our institutions?

Dr. Greenstein takes on these questions in the context of student success, and as powerful factors in the sustainable financial success of our institutions. This is a conversation about innovation, disruption, and engaging in an effort to take on bold ideas in support of our own future as educators.

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