The Learner as Teacher – Finding the Future of Teaching in Meat with Berkeley Prof. Ricardo San Martin


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This week on Navigating Change, Berkeley Professor Ricardo San Martin joins us in a conversation about teaching. What does transformational teaching look like and what does it mean to present that teacher as learner. How can we empower students to explore with each and build a sense of their own ownership in the learning process?

Professor San Martin’s own transformation comes at the forefront of the science he teaches. As a visiting lecturer at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley, he leads a class on the development of plant-based meat. The cutting edge chemistry, biology, business, and manufacturing that goes on in the course serves to put student and teacher alike in the role of explorer, and it’s changed the way San Martin approaches the classroom.

Professor San Martin shares his personal journey with us today, and as such offers lessons in the future of the faculty-student relationship.

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