The Secret to Influencing your Most Critical Audience


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It’s natural to want everyone around you to be happy with your newest idea. In an ideal world, you’d communicate what you want, everyone on your teams would align and we’d all go home at 5 and relax with our feet up.

That’s not going to happen.

Today on the podcast, we dive into a mindset shift we first released back in 2015, a framework that has become known as our “⅙ - ⅔ - ⅙” model. Each time we engage leaders around this idea, we learn something new. But there’s one aspect of this model that has stood the test of time.

The secret to influencing your staunchest critics and most intractable team members to keep your project and relationships moving forward is: You need to stop trying to convince people that your ideas are right. You’re never going to get everyone on the bus. And there are some folks you need to ignore.

Take 20 minutes to listen to this podcast and watch the video above. Even better, watch it with your team and start a conversation.

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