LNP 268 The Me-Too Movement, Bullies and More Greg Williams


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Greg Williams is going to be talking about a subject that is very much in the news and in politics today, which is negotiating with a bully. Greg is a Harvard-trained negotiator and TV news commentator. He assists people who are facing tricky negotiations, helping them with their bottom line. He teaches negotiators the fine points regarding body language to obtain the maximum benefits by interpreting non-verbal body language signals during a negotiation. Listen in as Pat Iyer and Greg Williams chat about these points How do you know that you are dealing with a bully? How do the Me-Too movement and bullying relate to each other? Are there non-verbal body language signals that should set off a warning bell that you are indeed facing a bully? What parts of our population are most vulnerable to being bullied? What can we do so that we can minimize the chance of being bullied Related Product: How to Deal with Toxic Clients You became a nurse because you enjoy helping people. You became a legal nurse consultant because you enjoy solving puzzles and working with attorneys. Then you pick up the phone to hear one of your clients screaming about an invoice - the number of hours you billed versus his expectations. How do you handle him? You think, “I don’t deserve to be bullied. I need to be treated with respect. What am I going to do about this toxic client?” You realize you stand to lose a lot of money if you give into this attorney. Your desire to please the attorney has flown out the window and you just want him to stop yelling at you. If you give in every time an attorney questions you, you’ll quickly lose control of the conversation. I used to feel the same way until I learned how to identify the toxic clients in my legal nurse consulting business. I developed a system for responding to them that I will share in my masterclass, How to Deal with Toxic Clients. When I mastered the system that I will share with you, my frustration level decreased, and my sense of control increased. Would you like to know what to do? You’re at the point of decision. You WILL get a client who wished you had never agreed to help. If you want to have something different happen when you next encounter an angry client, attend my masterclass on dealing with toxic clients. I’ll show you how to deal with the troublemakers and how to build strong relationships with your clients. Join me for new online training: How to Deal with Toxic Clients. Join me for a masterclass taught online. There is no charge for this training. It is my gift to you. Your Presenter Greg assists organizations in enhancing their bottom line, through heightened negotiation skills. He teaches negotiators the fine points of reading body language to obtain insights into nonverbal signals conveyed during a negotiation. Those insights reveal concealed thoughts of the opposing negotiator. https://youtu.be/hb_LM-To-F0

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