Casualties: The Lost Lives of Hayley & Kirsty


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Kirsty Grabham died in a brutal act of domestic violence perpetrated by her husband, Paul, in 2009. Her death is all the more heartbreaking for her family because Kirsty had fallen into a life of drug addiction, prostitution, and violence, months earlier. They could see that Kirsty was in danger and they were helpless to save her.
Kirsty’s mother, Cathy, and her sisters, Sonya and Hayley, were devastated when Kirsty went missing. She had last been seen at a nightclub, arguing with her husband. Paul claimed that Kirsty had left him and run off, but her family knew better.
Join us at the quiet end for Casualties: The Lost Lives of Hayley & Kirsty. Losing a child, especially to violence, is one of the worst things a human being can experience. But sometimes, we forget about how the murder of a loved one damages and changes a family forever. In Cathy’s case, the death of Kirsty set off a series of painful experiences and additional loss from which she would never fully recover.

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