#304 - Chester Watson, Heather Trost, Mainliner, Giant Swan, Chant Electronique, Spivak - 7 December 2020


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Our final 'regular' show before January sees little let-up in the excellent music being produced through this mess of a year. Whether it's the spine-tingling multi-national vocals of Chant Electronique or the psychedelic fuzz of Japanese legends Mainliner, there's a lot of the good stuff in this hour-long pod.

Elsewhere, live podcast regulars will be happy with two horse-related tracks from wildly different spectrums: former A Hawk and A Hacksaw violinist Heather Trosts new one is mesmerising avant-folk, whilst Giant Swan provide a blistering finale.

What else? Well there's Cypriot synthpop from Spivak, possibly the best hiphop record of the year from Chester Watson, juke from Georgia's Nikki Nair and a whole lot more

TracklistingSpivak - Πήγαινέ Μέ (Ecstatic Recordings, UK) DJ Danifox - Xupetilson (Principe Discos, Portugal) Chant Electronique - Kamen Gori (Rika Muzika, UK / Croatia) Mainliner - Dual Myths (Riot Season, UK) Chester Watson - Fog (feat. Dua Saleh) (POW Recordings, USA) Mike Neaves - Anxiatry (Hominid Sounds, UK) Heather Trost - Jump Into The Fire (Third Man Records, USA) Gary, Indiana - Nike of Samothrace (Fire Talk, UK) Nikki Nair - Buggy (Juke Bounce Werk, USA) Giant Swan - Silkworm (KECK, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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