#312 - Angel Haze, ZULI, Pauline Anna Strom, Tiago Sousa, Colleen, YUNGMORPHEUS & ewonee - 8 February 2021


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Bookended by sublime hiphop, this episode of the Independent Music Podcast takes us on a contemplative journey across the genres. From Portuguese pianist Tiago Sousa's exquisite new modern classical on Discrepant to Livingdog's tentative spatial folk sounds, there's a lot to sit back and settle in to.

But we do also have a few tastes of experimental dance floor action too, not least Egyptian producer ZULI's pneumatic techno on Lee Gamble's UIQ label and the new record on Rocket Recordings from Goat-affiliated group DJINN.


Angel Haze - Weight (Good Soil, USA)

Tiago Sousa - The Myth of Sisyphus (Discrepant, UK)

Pauline Anna Strom - Equatorial Sunrise (RVNG Intl., USA)

ZULI - Keen Demag (UIQ, UK)

DJINN - Love Divine (Rocket Recordings, UK)

Humwreck - Burned (feat. Basura Toska) (self-release, USA)

Colleen - Gazing at Taurus - Santa Eulalia (Thrill Jockey, USA)

Livingdog - If I Let the Air In (self-release, USA)

Steve Gullick & James Johnston - First Light (God Unknown Records, UK)

YUNGMORPHEUS & ewonee - FistfulofGreens (Bad Taste Records, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston

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