#314 - Lady Lykez, Etuk Ubong, Sarah Neufeld, Throwing Snow, Mouse On Mars, Amane OG - 22 February 2021


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A remarkable array of sounds to entertain you this week. From the real banger to open to incomprehensible Mexican 8-bit drone via afrobeat genius, violin experimentation, reworked Indonesian throat singing, Polish juke and lots of other great morsels.

Lady Lykez - Buzz Lightyear (Hyperdub Records, UK)
Etuk Ubong - I Waka Dey Go (self-release, Nigeria)
Shane Cooper - STATIC (Kit Records, UK)
Amane OG - Defrag (Polish Juke, Poland)
Sarah Neufeld - Stories (One Little Independent, UK)
SŌN - Alkisah (Avon Terror Corps, UK)
Floresta Oblíqua - A (Fungo Label, Portugal)
Throwing Snow - Lithics (Houndstooth, UK)
Mouse On Mars - Youmachine (Thrill Jockey, USA)
Castle in Ruins - In Laa poszadaav di deescandzsov dondteev descantsasee tva amaatdov corrpuos quveriidat Doenceillav iin veilotaaris dondev resguardesen tuvos Sanguis, tuaa Hierenttiam in estadmn Existenciiale (Ave Negra Music, Mexico)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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