#315 - BIG|BRAVE, Fly Pan Am, Big Scraps, Dialect, Shadi Khries, ビクター MKII - 1 March 2021


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Chopped beats from The Philippines, drone-blues melding, and medieval music from the US midwest are some of the more unfamiliar sounds making their way onto this week's Independent Music Podcast. Elsewhere, the astounding new track from BIG|BRAVE is a real highlight, we also have proto UK rap cuts from Manchester's Shotta Taps, relaxed Middle-Eastern electronics fro Shadi Khries, and a lot more.

ビクター MKII- Treasure 宝物 (感傷唱片行 Kind of Blue Records, Taiwan)
Jonny Halifax Invocation - Track 1 (self-release, UK)
Cop Funeral - Out of Office (Already Dead Tapes, USA)
Bejuco - Batea (Llorona Records, Colombia)
Elminster - Dwarves of Citadel Adbar (Moonworshipper Records, USA)
BIG|BRAVE - Half Breed (Southern Lord Recordings, USA)
Big Scraps - Follow the Yellow Brick Road (excerpt) (Shotta Tapes, UK)
Fly Pan Am - Scanner (Constellation Records, Canada)
Shadi Khries - Sara (Hard Fist, France)
Dialect - Under ~ Between (RVNG Intl., USA)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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