#1: WE'RE BACK! Season 2 begins...


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We are BACK! Tash and Viv explain where they’ve been gone since season 1 (it’s been a year off podcasting). They go over where they’ve been and what they’ve learned since season 1. Viv:
  • Rhythm and Vines
  • Why she’s wearing biking lycra
  • Disc golf nationals
  • Governance - surf life saving
  • Travel
  • LA - my tour of First Media, one of our season 1 podcast guests
  • Pop culture
  • Watch “the intern”
  • DJ Tigerlily
  • Surf trip - The Art of Surfing
  • @tastefullytash - my campaigns over the last year and what I've learned
  • My thoughts on modern health and wellness
  • My Hello Fresh commercial
Tips: Any workshops/events/retreats you run, bring a photographer and maximise this content over all your social channels. Tash and Viv also mention:
  • Influencer trips
  • Breaking up
  • The impact of having mentorships/business coaching
  • Running a 2 day business networking event (our learnings)
  • Running Anchor AIMS Games social media
  • The "malloff" between Bayfair and Tauranga Crossing
  • Plays, productions and "Wicked"
  • The Ace the Gram New Zealand tour

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