#15: Jay Reeve on the success of "Pals" and the role of Instagram


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Jay Reeve (one of the four directors behind @drink_pals) discusses all the factors that created the viral drink everyone is talking about.

The pastel-colored RTD, available in NZ has seen an unprecedented level of awareness and success - partly due to it's 2020 Instagrammy aesthetic.

Jay discusses the whole journey of Pals, how it came about, what factors went into the design and why he thinks it has blown up on Instagram.

Jay chats about:

- Creating a product that is shareable in 2020

- Balancing social media with real-life (his wife Anna Reeve is a well known NZ influencer)

- Why Jay thinks Pals will stand the test of time

- Plans + future strategies for Pals

- Tips for getting traction on Instagram as a brand

- How a brand like Pals came about

For more on Pals check out their Instagram @drink_pals

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