#17: Quadruple your business using Instagram - the Real Rad Food success story


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We had the pleasure of having Hannah Mellsop - founder of Real Rad Food BACK on the Ace the Gram podcast.

Since we talked to Hannah last (episode 3, 2 years ago) Hannah has scaled her raw cakes business from selling cakes at local markets to running a multiple employee business complete with a factory and nationwide shipping.

Hannah credits Instagram to her successful marketing in scaling Real Rad Foo. She gives her advice to businesses looking to do the same thing.

Hannah covers:

- How she initially used Instagram to how she uses it now

- The role of stories in her product launches

- How she collaborates with other businesses on social media to scale her own business

- How she balances what she shares vs doesn't share on Instagram

- Sales tips + techniques using social media

- Hannah's learnings from the past few years of growing a successful business

Find more about Hannah on Instagram @realradfood

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