#22: Professional Instagram Travel Influencers On COVID19's Impact on the Industry


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Today we talk to popular Instagram influencers (and couple) Christina Macpherson and Tom Paterson !

Tom and Christina have over 150k Instagram followers and have built a career off their creative skills.

With developing skills in modeling, photography, copy-writing, and story-telling Tom and Christina explain how they merged these to grow profitable careers.

Tom and Christina are known for their beautiful travel photography and stories they share from their adventures around the world.

We talk to Tom and Christina about:

- How they grew their followings

- How they structure their business - what the behind the scenes of a travel influencer looks like

- How they grew their businesses into full-time careers

- Their recommendations for creatives wanting to grow an audience and turn their skills into profitable careers

- How they've been impacted by COVID19

- Their projections for the influencer marketing industry post COVID19

- Tips for great captions

- Tips for building rapport with their audience

- Editing tips and tricks

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- @tompaterson_nz

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