#23: The (free) secret weapon to running a successful influencer marketing campaign...


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Today we talk to the co-founder (Jason Goldberg) of the app making waves in the influencer marketing industry - Carro.

Carro is the all-in-one influencer marketing platform for eCommerce businesses. According to Carro it's the only influencer marketing software that helps brands discover, connect, and collaborate with authentic creators for free.

Carro essentially uses technology to give you the tools to connect with influencers who already love your brand.

We talk to Jason Goldberg about:

- how Carro started

- how you can use Carro for your brand to improve your influencer marketing efforts

- why Carro makes influencer marketing easier than cold reach-out

- Jason's insights into the influencer marketing industry over the past 8 years

- Jason's thoughts on the impact of COVID19 on the industry

To check out Carro for yourself click: https://getcarro.com/

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