#25: The top 9 books/podcasts to consume right now (our recommendations)


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After a heated debate over listening to headphones while running/walking vs not today we discuss:

The top reading material/listening material we've consumed over COVID19.

We go over which material we liked/didn't like and the key takeaways we personally learned.

Viv's picks:

- The E myth (why small businesses fail) by Michael Gerber

- The Seven Day Startup by Dan Norris

- The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape

- Money, Master the Game by Tony Robbins

- Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

Tash's picks:

- The Purple Cow by Seth Godin

- Girl, Stop Apologizing - Rachel Hollis

- The Rabbit Hole podcast by the New York Times

- Shameless Podcast by Michelle and Zara

- The 5am Club by Robin Sharma (podcast on Marie Forleo)

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