#27: Behind the Scenes of Global Instagram Sensation "Museum of Ice Cream"


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We love a kiwi success story. Today's ep features: Zoe Schoeller-Burke.

Zoe is a designer based in New York (except for when COVID19 hits).

Zoe shares:

- her experience as lead designer behind Museum of Ice Cream (the Webby award winning Instagram account)

- Her design work for Simon Huck and his new brand JUDY (recently won a Hermes award for social design)

- her current experience as a senior designer at Utendahl Creative - a New York based branding agency with clients like Refinery29, Bandier, Milk etc.

- Zoe's tips and tricks for how every biz can utilise excellent design and appeal to their target audience on social

- Zoe's tips for a successful Instagram account - no matter what the industry.

For more on Zoe check out her website: https://zoeschoellerburke.com/

For more on Tash and Viv check them out on Instagram




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