#31: Launch with a bang on social media - Rochelle Sheldon


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Today's guest- Rochelle Sheldon is an award winning social media marketing queen. She's the founder of Joyable and Something Blue and was a 2018 Finalist for Social Media Marketer of the Year 2018

Rochelle created a splash on Instagram when she launched New Zealand’s first bridal subscription box. The prize for launch included $5000 cash + cash prizes. We talk to Rochelle about how and why she had the confidence to launch this way.

Rochelle covers:

- how Instagram fits into the marketing mix

- the step by step process for a successful product or service launch using social media

- the keys to successful influencer marketing campaigns - how to choose the right influencer for your brand/service

- how the industry has changed over the last 6+ years (Rochelle has worked in the industry for 5+ years)

- why email addresses are still gold and the tips to grow your list

- what we should be focusing on in today's social media marketing world

- what actions push the needle forward when it comes to using social to generate sales etc

- the pros and cons of switching to being self employed

- the power of imperfect action

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