#32: Simone Anderson on the pros and cons of having a large audience


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Simone Anderson is BACK on Ace the Gram podcast.

Since we last spoke to Simone 3+ years ago she has:

- released 2 books, released a podcast, bought a house, spoken at various large events and gone through a multitude of the highs and lows of having a large following.

Simone talks:

- her new book "So Delish" check it out at your local or online bookstore

how she maintains a deep and personal connection to her large audience

- how she stays innovating and providing value to her audience e.g. her COVID cleaning challenge

- how she deals with online hate and online controversy

- how she's created such a diverse brand

- what her mission is and what drives her

- the impact a follower's message had on her

- her TOP 3 tips for aspiring content creators/personal brands who are wanting to grow their audience

- what Simone's future plans are for her life and her brand

- how vulnerable she is on Instagram

Check out Simone on Instagram at @simone_anderson

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