#4: How Instagram made this Bali eatery a Global destination!


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Tash and Viv interview Lauren and Corryn about their journey starting Kynd Community cafe in Bali.

You may have seen their distinctive pink "another day in paradise" wall on Instagram.

Lols and Coz (Kynd founders) reveal how they blew up their cafe using social media so it became a global must-visit destination. They discuss all the elements that created their success.

Lols and Coz chat about their Instagram strategy and how they've changed their food and cafe experience to reflect the changes in social e.g. from focusing on posts to focusing on stories by creating 'storyable experiences'.

This is a must-listen for all eatery owners + businesses interested in tips to make their business Instagrammable.

Kynd Community has also opened a new not for profit cafe "Give". They've also just released their first cook-book!

Check out their Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kyndcommunity/

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