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The challenge with historical films based on actual events is finding the right character to lead the audience through the story. JJ has made it clear that he will follow Jessica Chastain anywhere. Neither Steve nor JJ are aficionados of American history. While this is an interesting story to be told, they both failed to find an emotional connection to a truly tragic story. All of the pieces for a gorgeously shot and heart-wrenching tale are present, but something gets in the way and prevents this film from fulfilling the promise presented in the trailer. Is it the accents? The editing? Are JJ and Steve both heartless?

Woman Walks Ahead is an informative film that tells an important story but falls short in showing and feeling the true heart of the story. Steve and JJ discuss the elements that are present in the film and how well they work and question what prevents this film from being better than the sum of its parts.

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