368. Writing, Worrying, and Being in Carol Danvers’ Head: A Conversation with Liza Palmer


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Today I’m talking with Liza Palmer about the re-release of her first book, Conversations with the Fat Girl, and her newest novel, The Nobodies. We talk about writing, 4am anxiety, and writing Carol Danvers for the YA novels - and reading the script for the movie early (OMG). Our conversation and her new book, The Nobodies, is a little bit about being uncomfortable and learning new skills: if you’re doing it right, as you level up it gets harder, not easier. We talk about failing, and about feeling lost, in terms that might sound like depression or remind you of it, so if that’s something that’s not ideal for you right now, it’s okay to skip ahead to the next episode on your playlist. The Nobodies is on sale now as of 10 September, so if you’re curious, you can get yourself a copy.

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