108: Pure Gold From LMT Lab Day Chicago 2020 Part 1: Scott & Randi James and Fernando Catania


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YAY! Half of April 2020 is done! That is something to celebrate, right?
We welcome Bennett Napier from the NADL back on the podcast to update us on our industry and the COVID-19.

NADL Interactive Roundtable Discussion: Big Picture Thinking for Dental Laboratories post COVID-19 - A Strategic Conversation Webinar Wednesday, April 22, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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Remember when a whole bunch of people could get in a room to celebrate what they love? Those were the days! And to relive those days we take you back to the glory days of LMT Lab Day Chicago 2020. There Elvis and Barb set up at the Argen booth and invited anyone to sit down and tell their story. First up we have the first couple to sit down with us. While Barb was out being president Elvis got to talk to Scott and Randi James who are doing amazing job running a family lab in Minnesota. Then they both got to talk with Fernando Catania from DGSHAPE who makes the Roland mills. Fernando speaks about listening to the customers to make a better mill and how they plan on staying relevant in a forever changing industry.

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Special Guests: Bennett Napier, Fernando Catania, and Scott & Randi James.

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