AB Back to NE? Foles Back to Philly?


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Chris Broussard and 13-year NFL veteran Ephraim Salaam, in for Rob Parker, discuss last nights game between the Patriots and the Texans. Are the Patriots done and don't have a shot at the Super Bowl even though the team is 10-2? Ben Volin, Senior NFL writer for The Boston Globe, wrote a column discussing why the Patriots front office is to blame, not Tom Brady, for the decline of the Patriots. Plus, Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens wore a shirt to the movies saying "Pittsburgh Started It!" The guys give their opinions on it and Rod Woodson joins us for his weekly segment to continue the conversation about that and the Patriots. Finally, Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles has been benched for week 14. Should the Eagles reach out to Foles and replace Carson Wentz after his performance against the Miami Dolphins?

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