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It's the Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker! Chris and Rob tell you why Colin Kaepernick needs to follow through with his workout this upcoming Saturday. The guys also preview a Thursday Night Football match up between the Steelers and the Browns, as well as analyze Alex Guerrero's recent comments regarding Tom Brady playing until age 47. Mike Trout wins his third American League MVP title. Chris and Rob discuss whether or not Trout deserved it despite missing games due to injury. Carmelo Anthony is also making headlines after signing a non-guaranteed deal with the Portland Trail Blazers. NFL Network reporter, Steve Wyche, joins the show to discuss the situations surrounding Colin Kaepernick's workout this upcoming Saturday. Yahoo Senior NBA writer, Vince Goodwill, also joins the Odd Couple discussing how bad the situation is for the Knicks and whether or not David Fizdale should be fired.

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