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Want more money to travel or hike?

Although being a frugal traveler is half the battle, the other half is making money.

There are three ways to make money:

  1. Getting paid to do a job
  2. Investing it
  3. Stealing it

Since we're all boy scouts, we'll skip the third option.

Most people focus on option #1 (e.g., your salary).

We often ignore the second option: investing it wisely.

After traveling for 3 years in Eastern Europe, I returned to the United States with more money than I left with! And no, I didn't work for those three years.

How did I pull that off?

Smart investments.

I'm not a financial adviser, but after learning about Constant and peer-to-peer lending, I believe it's something everyone ought to be aware of. Now be careful because it's risky, but if you tread lightly and do well, you might want to up your investment.

Start with $100 and then go up from there.

I had a video call with the Communications Manager at Constant, Chris Roper.

Chris Roper and I discuss:
  • What is peer-to-peer lending?
  • What kind of interest rates can you earn?
  • What is a loan that has a 150% collateral?
  • Why is cryptocurrency good collateral?
  • What does "top-up" mean?
  • What are the risks?
  • How big of a loan can you get (or offer)?

In the unlikely event that your loan defaults, Constant liquidates the collateral and repays you in USD, not in cryptocurrency. Therefore, if you're doing this with the hope of getting some bitcoin, this is not the way to do it.

Have you tried Constant? Share your experience with me.

Have you tried peer-to-peer lending elsewhere? How did it go?

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