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About this episode: Jessica Husson was one of two people (out of thousands who applied) who won a round-the-world trip sponsored by TourRadar and Intrepid travel.

Jessica and Joan (a Spaniard) starred in some superbly produced videos about their travels. I watched all 8 episodes,

Today, the 8th episode, which takes place in Thailand, came out.

Questions I ask Jessica:

  • You had traveled extensively before, so what did you learn from this trip?
  • Do you now look at reality TV shows with a new lens?
  • What fun things happened off-camera?
  • What would you do with $1000 to spend on TourRadar?
  • Can you pick who is on your tour?
  • What can you do if there is a personality mismatch in your group?
  • What did you learn from Travis, the CEO of Tour Radar, who traveled with you in Italy?
  • What percentage of your waking hours were free?
  • How was Thailand like?
  • What's your next destination?

This is my 55th WanderLearn podcast episode.

The most popular podcast episode was the podcast I did with the CEO of TourRadar, Travis, whom we mention in this episode.

Although I encourage you to listen to the podcast, you might enjoy it more to watch it since there's a ton of superb footage that is shown during the interview.

WanderLearn fans get a special chance to win $1000 in travel credits on TourRadar by going here:

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