Making participation: How to put participants in charge of their own e-democracy platform


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Making participation: How to put participants in charge of their own e-democracy platform Vortrag/Talk It is time to write a new Constitution for the EU. We need a participation platform to do this. There are two kinds of participatory e-democracy. The one that an authority has set-up where you trust them that justice, fairness and democratic correctness will be provided, demagogy and inflammatory behavior be dealt with by trustworthy admins you never heard or saw. And the other one where the participants themselves are empowered to do this. Which approach do you find more appropriate for the task? Has this been done before? What went wrong in past attempts? About carlo von lynX: Recently Yanis Varoufakis joined the Icelandic Pirate Party's choir, asking for a new Constitution for the European Union. It is quite obvious, that such a document must be developed in a participatory utilizing the Internet. Yet, the Internet bears many threats and e-democracy platforms are prone to many fallacies. carlo von lynX has been publicly discussing potentials and risks after participating in the debut installation of Liquid Feedback which led to 2011's electoral success of the Berlin Piratenpartei. Later he joined the Italian Pirate Party in the endeavor of designing a leaderless political party, continuously governed by a permanent electronic assembly – where decisions are taken together. At first it didn't work, but after several years of design re-iterations it now seems like the design is functional. A large-scale digital assembly or parliament is not only possible, it can also be self-governed. Produced by Voice Republic For more podcasts visit

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